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When Bruce was still very young, he fell into a well associated with caves, and he was greatly frightened by the bats, which he remembered for life. Soon Bruce’s parents are killed on the street, and he leaves for many years to study abroad. After returning, he does not recognize his city: chaos and lawlessness reign in it, the authorities cannot cope with gangsters. And Bruce goes on a journey again, where he enters the League of Shadows and learns various secret martial arts. But when he discovers plans for his hometown, he burns down the Shadow League temple and leaves. Back in town, Bruce uses the company’s military developments, his family, sets up a base in the very cave where he fell as a child, and is ready to return the city to the legitimate authorities. But Bruce did not know that by destroying the Temple of the League of Shadows, he did not completely destroy the league, and now the league followers are in Gotham to assassinate the renegade and destroy the city as planned. Will Bruce with his skills and the latest experimental equipment be able to withstand the mysterious League of Shadows and save the inhabitants of the city from certain doom?


Batman Begins is my favorite movie in the Nolan trilogy by far. Yes its better in my opinion than The Dark Knight because one person isn’t carrying the whole movie. Liam Neeson and Bale shine in this but also Katie Holmes did a wonderful job too. Don’t get me wrong I love The Dark Knight, I thought Heath’s role was outstanding and that it will never be duplicated. But Heath carries the movie by himself and Bale isn’t nearly as good as he is in Batman Begins. Anyway, Batman Begins shows Bruce Wayne’s incredible journey to becoming Batman and ridding society of people who put fear into others. I think its the more emotional movie of the three, it also shows Bruce’s fear and determination as a kid to an adult. The quality of this movie is stunning. The mountain scenes in the beginning and the whole Vietnam scenes really pop out with the colors and detail.