Septic tank risers and grease trap installation


What is septic tank riser?

A septic tank riser is the pipe that stretches from upper ground to the underground septic tank. It’s like a passage that connects the access points in your home to the septic tank. Moreover, septic tanks are a whole lot easier to inspect as it doesn’t require digging at all. Septic tank risers are generally made of concrete and plastic material in order to resist the elements that take long time to degrade by the micro-organisms.Now risers are installed along with the septic tank but old residences don’t come with riser but only septic tank.

How to get a riser for your septic tank?

Before installing a septic tank riser, you should have an inspection of your septic tank to refine any of the issues present. Moreover, a good judgement would be, installation of riser when the septic tank is being installed or under inspection. So, it’s better to schedule the inspection according to your need of riser. In case you’ve made up your mind then you can simply search concrete septic tank risers near me and you’ll be able to contact the best sewer companies in the area.

Why you should have a grease trap?

Grease trap is a crucial part of your kitchen because it traps all the elements like grease and oils to enter into the sewer line or septic tank. If the grease and oil waste are allowed then you’ll be facing frequent clogging problems in your sewer problems, that’s what makes the grease trap a true money saver. You can easily install a grease trap for your kitchen as well just by speaking to sewer cleaning services near me. The entire installation process takes about utmost 2 hours.

How does a grease trap work?

The basic principle of working of grease trap is the difference in densities of different substances. More precisely, grease trap cools hot or warm greasy liquid which allows grease and oils to float on water (density of water>density of grease). This phenomenon separates the grease from water which can be seen from naked eyes. Then the grease trap collects the grease and oils and allows water to drain into the septic tank.

What is the cost of installation of grease trap?

The grease trap installation cost varies with the size of grease trap, like for a small grease trap (0-100 gallons) cost is in between $250-$1500. Moreover, anew grease trap of size about 750-1500 gallons costs in between $4000-$8500. Whereas grease trap recovery devices bill around $3500-$6000. Besides, the grease traps need to be cleaned on a regular basis or the collector inlet will be stuck, eventually allowing water along with grease and oils to drain into the septic tank, which is a real trouble.


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